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Amazin LêThị

  • Amazin Lethi LGBT

Amazin LêThị

Leading Global Sports Activist & Thought Leader

Amazin LêThi was born in Saigon where she was left in an orphanage by her mother. As a young adult, she was homeless for a period of time and it was at this lowest point, contemplating suicide, Amazin realized her passion and love for sport could help her survive. Gaining physical and mental strength and confidence, from her personal journey of homelessness and against all the odds she has overcome enormous barriers to become a leading global rainbow (LGBTQI) sports activist and thought leader. She is also a former competitive natural bodybuilder, TV/Film star, entertainment executive and Vietnam’s first internationally published health and fitness author.

During the Obama administration, Amazin organized the first ‘Spirit Day’ collaboration with GLAAD and White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders ‘Act to Change’ in October 2016 and her story was part of the first public White House Initiative ‘Act to Change’ an awareness campaign that addresses bullying within the Asian American Pacific Islander community.

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