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How to pitch to Spotify playlisters & curators

spotify playlisting curators

How to pitch to Spotify playlisters & curators

In this article, we will walk you through how to build your Spotify ‘CV’ and pitch to get noticed by playlisters in the Spotify.

Submit your song on Spotify for Artists

If you have not submitted your song pre-release, follow these steps. We advise that you do this quite early on, at least four weeks in advance of the release:

  • Login to Spotify for Artists.
  • Navigate to your ‘Catalog’, then toggle on ‘Upcoming’.
  • Under the ‘Status’ column, click on ‘Submit a song’.
  • Follow the instructions to submit your song details, including song info, genre, cultures & moods, styles and language.

Build your reputation

Spotify’s editorial team will look at your artist’s reputation on their platform. Therefore, you will need to show that you are to be taken seriously.

Steps to do this may include:

  • Become a verified artist on Spotify.
  • Create a curated playlist of your own of similar artists, friends, or fellow musicians in your circle. For example, a playlist of songs chosen by your fans.
  • Build a relationship with independent Spotify playlist creators, and suggest suitable tracks for them.

Follow this link to become a verified artist of Spotify

Build your followers

Spotify has an algorithm that automatically determines what music users should listen to. User behaviour, such as what artists users listen to, for instance, determines what songs go on these automatic playlists. Updated every Monday, Spotify’s Discover Weekly lists up to two hours of relevant songs that listeners have shown interest in.

This is a good reason why you need to build up your followers. Directing your fans to follow your artist profile, for instance, will give you a bigger chance of being selected for these playlists.

Use Facebook

As you may have noticed, Facebook is very much integrated with Spotify. Spotify users can sign up and login to their account with ease with the ‘Login with Facebook’ option.

Listening habits, artists that listeners follow etc. are all integrated together on both of those platforms, so don’t leave your Facebook inactive! Low engagement will only look bad to potential Spotify playlisters.

Use SubmitHub

SubmitHub is a great way for independent artists to submit and pitch their tracks to Spotify playlisters. Simply upload your track on there, write a press release and submit to playlisters that your music will fit in.

Hire a public relations firm to pitch to Spotify playlisters

Hiring a public relations firm like ourselves will help represent you as an artist in the right way. We can help get your music to the right ears by pitching to a targeted group of Spotify playlisters.

Find out how we can help.

Releasing an album?

If you’re releasing an album, we recommend you check out our ultimate album release checklist.


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