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JPU Records

JPU Records

Independent record label

JPU Records is a British record label formed in 2012, which specialises in handling international releases by Japanese artists. Notable acts on JPU’s roster include The Gazette, Band-Maid and Dempagumi.inc.

The label was established in 2012, first releasing Division by popular Japanese visual kei rock band The Gazette. This was followed by the 2013 album Beautiful Deformity before the label began to release albums by other Japanese acts, including i’mperfect by Ling Tosite Sigure, Weeeeeeeeee!!! by Polysics and Embrace by Boom Boom Satellites. In 2016 they announced the signing of rock quintet Band-Maid and pop singer Amatsuki, giving the two acts their UK debuts at MCM London Comic Con in May of that year.

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