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    • Psyrena


    Electronic Art Pop Artist

    London-based Electronic Art Pop artist Psyrena aka Madeleine Wise offers a unique mix of electronica, cinematic scores and pop music. Blessed with a voice that can soothe or cut like a knife, she is both artist and storyteller, relating life’s beauty and pain through her music, fables and imagery. Now entering part two Psyrena embraces the light. Her single “Rainbows & Unicorns” is an electronic adventure into her inner magical psychedelic world, as shown in the amazing fully-animated video. This track forms part of her forthcoming EP “Quarantella Rockefella” released late Summer 2020.

    “She created the perfect landscape, I was drawn into her world.” – La Roux (2019)

    “For the nostalgic who wants superstar references, it’s potentially like Björk meets Laurie Anderson with some reminiscence of Morcheeba. Deserves a listen, or two or three …” – the MNGR (2019)

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