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Managed WordPress Hosting: Top Reasons to Switch

managed WordPress hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting: Top Reasons to Switch

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

WordPress powers up to 30% of websites in the world. Behind each successful WordPress website is a powerful, fast, and reliable web hosting provider. As you can guess from the name, managed WordPress hosting a type of web hosting that specializes specifically for WordPress websites. This means the host is optimized for everything WordPress, and fine-tuned for speed, security, as well as uptime and caching.

What are the benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting?

  • You get unrivalled technical support: One of the main reasons that you should choose managed WordPress hosting is for the unrivalled support you get. Typically, WordPress hosts will only deal with WordPress, and will solely be focused on WordPress—that means, that is their sole priority and their support department is second-to-none. Support agents will not be bouncing your query back and forth when there are any issues.
  • High-performance and speed: Being with dedicated, managed WordPress hosting means that it will be equipped with technology and configurations that optimized to work best with WordPress—not Drupal or Magento. Your website would have the best caching tools that working behind-the-scenes on server-level, meaning that you do not have to spend hours and days installing these caching and speed optimization plugins, because the tools are already there. The last thing you want with your website is to have your visitors press the ‘back’ button, as your webpage is taking longer than five seconds to load.
  • Data centers located for best global reach: With managed WordPress hosting, you will be able to allocate your website to a preferred server closest to your target audience’s reach. Meaning that, if your audience is mostly in the United Kingdom, you will be able to assign your website to that location to ensure that any network latency is optimal and thus, faster loading times. You may also be able to utilize its CDN (Content Delivery Network) features, resulting in faster distribution of your data across the world by minimizing delivery distances.
  • Never lose your data: With managed WordPress hosts such as WP Engine, you will be able to automatically backup your data daily with restore points created every single day, to ensure that you will never lose your data. This is very handy if you need to test a new plugin and want to ensure that glitches do not happen in the implementation process.

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